Do I need to be part of the Association of Realtors?

Yes. You must be a member of the local, state and national Realtors associations. The MLS is a very important part of our industry, and the associations offer discounts with vendors, legal counsel and a lot of training and useful tools. 

How long will it take for me to get paid?

We pay immediately by ACH upon receipt of funds. We also offer a CDA (Commission Disbursement Authorization) at closing; just upload all the documents for approval and get paid as soon as you have the HUD or CD. 

Can I edit and add my own listings on the MLS? 

Yes, you can add and edit your listings on the MLS. However, you must adhere to the MLS rules and code of ethics. All listings must be entered in correctly and accurately. You also need to make sure listings are updated as soon as possible. 

What associations are you a member of? 

NAR, FAR, Miami and Naples. 


What’s the commission split?

Agents receive full commission (100%) on all sales transactions if they are on the Premier, Xpress and Xpress Plus plans. Rookies or agents that do not want to have membership fee have an 80/20 commission split. 


There is a 90/10 commission split for rental transactions, commercial transactions and referrals.


Is there an agent transaction fee?

There is a transaction fee for all sales closed by agents on the Xpress and Xpress Plus Plans. Xpress Plan agents have a transaction fee of $499 per side. For commission checks less than $3,000, you don't pay the full $499 transaction fee you would pay 10% of the commission check.

Xpress Plus Plan agents have a transaction fee of $99 per side. Rookie Plan agents do not pay a transaction fee. 

There is no transaction fee for rental and commercial transactions.  


Are office hours required?

No, we do not require office hours, but you can come to the office as often as you want at our location at 761 W 41st Street in Miami Beach.

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