What We Offer

- 100% Commission                     

- Escrow account                              

- Mentoring                                           

- Legal support                       

- Closing Coordinator             

- Flexibility in agent plans     

- Computer                               

- Property Management         

- No office hours required     

- Marketing support

- Real estate library 

- IDX website offer

- Get paid at closing

- HUD approved vendor

- Notary

- Personal mail box

- Free printing and faxing

  (Color restrictions apply )

- Residual income

- Broker support

- Lead generation offer 

- Autonomy to run your own business

- Rookie partnership or showing agent available for a fee

- Set up your laptop to our office network, or use our office community contribution

-Store front office (Miami Beach) 

What We Don't Do

  • No initial set up fee

  • No Franchise fee

  • No desk fees

  • No sales quotas

  • No required office time

  • No mandatory meetings

What We Expect of Our Team Members

We strongly believe in providing our clients with a high standard of professionalism, expertise and results,. What do we look for in our agents?      

- Professionalism and diligence from start to finish, to beyond.

- Must be a member of the local, state and national Realtor associations. 

- Listings: Photos sell! All listing must have a minimum of eight representative pictures of the property. 

- Professional pictures are required for listings above a specified amount. Ensure MLS listing information is complete, accurate and up-to-date.

- Closings: Update all MLS listings upon contract acceptance. This year we came across a listing with pending status that, as per public records, had closed in 2014...it shouldn’t take that long to update a listing!  This affects statistics and results in inaccurate information for agents and consumers. 

- Return all phone calls promptly.

- Before going on vacation, coordinate with our office so we can best assist you with your pending transactions and ensure clients and customers are taken care of.

- Make sure you credit the cooperating agent when you close a transaction. It’s the right thing to do. 

Inform someone when you have a meeting or viewing for safety reasons. 

- Showings: Lock all doors and windows after a showing. Don’t adjust the air conditioning or touch personal items. Always notify the listing agent if you see something wrong or out of place. 

- These are just a few points that matter to us. Please call us or refer to the policies and procedures manual for a complete list.